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this -- that's a great point. we have real-time price discovery in our hand with tablets and smartphones and we know that retailers have raised prices up only to mark them down, and there's -- stair -- they're still making a ton of money, and the retail shopping experience has gotten cheapened. so we wonder would we need five t-shirts from anber come by and fitch. and you only need one and then get out thereof door -- get out of the door. >> could doo you get a sense that people who shop, they have their musts shop for list and it's their kids, maybe a very significant other, and then there are the marginal ones. this is a tough time for the marginal ones, the ones you sort of like, the family members you now and then see. its this the kind of holiday you cut them off the list or what happens? >> i hope i'm not -- the marginal consumer back in the day would have gotten maybe two t-shirts towards the end of the vane. right now maybe they get a gift card or get one t-shirt. that gift of the marginal shopper is something that you are going to wait until the very last minute for and hope you get 60
i can react in real-time. plus, my local scottrade office is there to help. because they know i don't trade like everybody. i trade like me. i'm with scottrade. (announcer) ranked highest in investor satisfaction with self-directed services by j.d. power and associates. >>> we interrupt this healthcare saga to remind you, ain't the only saga. while we are all distracted over syringes, guess what washington is set to stick us with, more taxes. vince has been digging into the details. say it isn't so. what's happening? >> there's definitely more taxes on the horizon for sure. looking at 2014 at the individual mandate, and in 2014 a lot of people will be paying $90 if they don't have health insurance. two years later that number will get up to $700 and go to skyrocket if you make at least a minimum threshold of income. so that tax is coming for sure. additionally, if you're a small business and you made some capital investments this year, you were getting a nice little tax deduction. starting next year your taxes will shoot up. if you make new product purchases to sustain your business
people's lives in a real-time basis. middle class -- >> does it -- sorry, ma'am, does it bug you when democrats go, yeah, they're going at bashing, but they don't have a plan of their own. there are half a dozen plans -- >> more than that. >> republicans, some say, want to annihilate this and do nothing in return. >> it's political. if you want to address the situation, do one thing -- let people buy any health insurance policy they want, anywhere in america, with no minimum federal requirement. you do that alone, you solve all sorts of problems with access to health care. then give a liability shield to anyone who wants to offer charitable health care. if you do that, you can deal with the poor, you can deal with the middle class, you can deal with the wealthy, and then this sorts itself out pretty fast. >> congressman, thank you very much. i mentioned that, as i said to the congresswoman, the argument is that there are no alternative plans. you might not like the alternative plans, but there are at least six out there. all varying degrees. one for outright full privatization, anothe
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3